Embracing list making

I make lists. Like lots and lots of lists. And I love a good prompt to make another list. Its become life. But…. Im not what you would think of as a natural list maker. I am pretty messy and disorganised. I accumulate clutter out of no where. I don’t like anything to ‘go toContinue reading “Embracing list making”

What is Intellectual Wellness?

Intellectual wellness is not defined by your intellectual prowess, it is defined by a state of continual learning. This state of continual learning gives us a feeling of accomplishment, deeper meaning within our world and the ability to evolve as an individual. intellectual wellness can give you a feeling of excitement over finding out newContinue reading “What is Intellectual Wellness?”

The affects of Gratitude and Affirmations on Wellbeing

Regular practice of recording gratitude and affirmations has been shown to create life changing brain shifts, helping you develop a more focused and positive outlook on your world. They can help you make real changes within your life, whilst not letting go of the things that are truly important to you. Although these are oftenContinue reading “The affects of Gratitude and Affirmations on Wellbeing”

What is Physical Wellness?

Physical health is the centre focus of most people idea of wellness. Although we know its much more complicated than that, even physical wellness gets greatly neglected by so many people. But with everything physical wellness includes is it any wonder it gets ignored? Physical wellness includes but is not limited to Physical activity/movement ExerciseContinue reading “What is Physical Wellness?”

What is Emotional Wellbeing?

There are six dimensions to maintaining wellness. Emotional wellbeing focuses on developing and maintaining your emotional health, building your inner calm, relaxation abilities and inner strength. Having healing emotional wellbeing can effect all of the other dimensions of wellness, but it is often over looked, especially in our fast paced and highly stimulated society.

What is Mindful Eating?

It has become well know the past few years that learning to be more mindful can impact all aspects of your life, from how you sleep, social interactions and work stress. But have you ever considered how mastering mindfulness could impact your eating habits?

A year of wholefood plant based (on a budget)

I made a book! I actually made a book and you can buy it here: A Year of Wholefood Plant based Ive been stuck in a slight feeling of shock and awe over the past few days since the book has been completed and gone into publication. For all of the start of adulthood IContinue reading “A year of wholefood plant based (on a budget)”

How mindfulness and meditation changed my life

My interest in yoga started over 10 years ago when trying to manage the pain of auto-immune disease and hypermobility, and hand in hand with yoga goes meditation. However as much as I tried I just couldnt grasp the point of meditation. why would doing less help me do more. I felt I was alreadyContinue reading “How mindfulness and meditation changed my life”

10 Moments of Mindfulness to enjoy in Autumn

As the days get darker and nature starts to get ready to rest for winter, take some time for you and you’re mental health with these simple FREE mindfulness ideas that will help you embrace the wonder of Autumn. Sit and watch the leaves fall; simply finding a cosy spot in a window or aContinue reading “10 Moments of Mindfulness to enjoy in Autumn”

Why jumping in leaves isn’t just for kids but an essential part of the seasonal experience.

Its not secret that I am passionate about embracing my inner child an whenever I do it creates the best memories with my children; when they see mama is able to have fun (and not just nag about chores all day long) it remind them I am human just like them and our bond becomesContinue reading “Why jumping in leaves isn’t just for kids but an essential part of the seasonal experience.”